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CIT - E-Commerce (RBDK Website)

This project consisted of developing and demonstrating a website using PHP and MYSQL. My partner Rob Baskerville and I created a fictitious retail computer store called RBDK. Here visitors have the opportunity to signup and purchase our products.

In order to manage this site, one administrator account has been setup with the ability to create, update and delete products from the system. Please feel free to view the site at:


CIT (RBDK Screenshots - Main)

CIT (RBDK Screenshot - Admin)

CIT - Oracle - Movie Database Project

This project consisted of using Oracle Forms Builder as well as Report Builder to design and create a program that would use input forms to store information in a database. Our group chose to make a Movie Database. This database stored all the movies we owned.

CIT - Oracle - Movie Database Project (Screenshot - Main)

CIT - Oracle - Movie Database Project (Screenshot - Borrower)

CIT - Oracle - Movie Database Project (Screenshot - Borrowed)

CIT - Systems Design Project (PDT - Professional Development Treasurer)

This project consists of developing a program that would allow teachers to communicate and submit applications online to the Alberta Teachers Association. It also has an administration account setup to handle numerous tasks.

The members of this team project were Dave Fawcett, Jeremy Zaretski, Andrew Coles and myself. Jeremy and I designed the site layout. We also worked on the styling and CSS while Dave and Andrew worked on the back-end and ERD/DFD designs.


CIT - PDT (Professional Development Treasurer Screenshot)

CIT - Field Work (LCN)

My field work was done at Lethbridge Community Networks in Lethbridge Centre. The assignment was to develop a website for Peak Vocational Support Service in Lethbridge, AB. Our team consisted of Dave Fawcett, Jeremy Zaretski and myself. Please feel free to view the site at:

Peak Support

CIT - Field Work (Peak Screenshot)

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